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How do I join ""WMM?"" Here you will see how we work with our testers, test people & volunteers.

Why should I join?

To earn good money

At WMM you will receive a minimum of €25 per hour for participating in various market research projects. At times, this could also be €50, €100, or even €250

Test and assist in designing new products

New products are regularly tested by us, e.g. a new car during a test drive, a new product in a group discussion, or a new website as part of a usability test. Your feedback as users means we are able to improve products.

Meet new, friendly people

People who meet during our group discussions and testing sessions often share the same interests. In this way, new and interesting contacts develop - in the B2B area as well.

100% anonymous

No advertising, no direct marketing, no sharing of your details, and all of the information will be used anonymously.

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With the new WMM app, current studies will always be available to at a glance, and you need never miss another opportunity, no matter where you are. In addition, the app provides you with contact details and has a number of other useful functions. Install an app and off you go ...

When you register with the WMM team, you can take part in fantastic market research studies and usability tests. Registration is 100% free and without obligation. You can decide yourself which tests you would like to participate in. We will agree on a fixed rate with you over the phone and confirm it in writing. You will earn from between € 25 and € 250 per hour.

The most common methods are one-to-one interviews group discussions or focus groups, usability and product testing, online surveys, and telephone and ethnographic interviews.

WMM GmbH is a market research agency based in Hamburg. We implement a variety of quantitative and qualitative market research projects. For our projects we need support from you - the consumers and users of the respective products. In market research the individuals who support us are called test people, users or volunteers Sign up today and explore our world!

Over 11 years of success! Founded in 2004, WMM – Weber Marketing & Marktforschung GmbH - now ranks as one of the most successful owner-managed market research agencies in Germany.

Over 90,000 (test) people have already placed their trust in us! The WMM team guarantees the highest level of transparency, first class service thanks to comprehensive customer support, and appropriate incentives and/or expenses reimbursement.

The senior management team at WMM GmbH holds individual memberships in the Bundesverband Deutscher Marktforscher (The National Association of German Market Researchers) (BVM) as well membership in the international association ESOMAR. The company therefore adheres strictly to the rules of the profession and to those specified by the international market research code. We adhere strictly to the German Data Protection Act and to international guidelines for market research and opinion polls. We therefore ensure that your information is secure with us. We also comply with all of the necessary security precautions - in most cases we even go above and beyond legal requirements.