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Uncomplicated on every level: You do not require any special training or specific knowledge in order to be able to register with us. But: You should enjoy fun discussions, communicating with others, and be interested in “innovation”. Your input into market research and discussions will of course be compensated: For your participation, you will receive a minimum of € 25.00 per hour. On average, our market research takes an average of 45 minutes to two hours. The expense allowances, which are tax-free up to a certain amount, are dependent on duration, subject matter, and the requirements of each study.

What do you think about the actual product? How do you rate the brand image of a company? This is exactly what we want to know. No advertising: As a respondent you will not be subjected to any sales pitches or any other promotional event. Your opinion about a specific product is the sole focus of our market research. Any data which has been collected will of course not be disclosed to third parties - we adhere strictly to the Data Protection Act at all times.

Our subject matter is truly diverse: For example the consumer studies have to do with (B2C) new cars, newspapers, a new type of chocolate, or television commercials. This way, you are not only earning money, but are also coming along to have fun, to test products free of charge, and to “help develop” a new advertising campaign or a new product.

Experts wanted: WMM also carries out business studies (B2B). It’s all about your professional opinion the fact that your professional activity qualifies you for our project. The fee will be set individually and varies from € 75 and € 250 per hour, depending on the activity.

Discussions and interviews will take place in various conference rooms. WMM also works in collaboration with so-called usability labs: Here among other things, the user friendliness of devices and websites is put through its paces - with your support!

Do you have any other questions? Then write to us!

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