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Does it cost anything to register with WWM?

Answer: No. Registration is free! You will not incur any costs!

How much can you earn by taking part in market research studies?

Answer: It varies. On average, participants are paid approx. 20 Euro per hour spent. However, sometimes it may be more.

Why can't I log into the member's area, despite having received my membership details?

Answer: We need to "activate" your registration before you are able to log in, and this normally takes one to three business days. If you change your registration information at any point, we will again have to activate your new details. Once again, this normally takes no more than one to three business days.

How long do the events and the studies last for?

Answer: This question cannot be answered in general terms. Usually, our studies last one to two hours: It may be longer, it may be shorter.

Am I required to purchase anything at your events?

Answer: No. Our events take place exclusively for market research purposes and do not have any commercial elements.

What is market research?

Answer: Marktforschung provides an understanding of the systematic study of sales and procurement markets through market observation.

Am I obliged to participate in a particular study?

Answer: No. Registration places neither party under any obligation. Registration is without obligation and it's free!

How often will I receive a referral, or how often can I participate in your studies?

Answer: It varies. This depends on a number of factors. We have to adhere strictly to the requirements of our clients, and these requirements are sometimes very specific.

How will you contact me, and how will I be invited to participate?

Answer: We will either write to you via e-mail, or we will contact you via telephone.

Where do the studies take place?

Answer: We operate throughout the whole of Germany. The studies normally take place at our clients’ premises or in so called “studios." They are located predominantly in the inner cities, so are very centrally located. Please visit our “WMM Studio” B2B website (www.wmm-studio.de). There you will see a number of studios to which you will be invited.

What type of market research do you conduct?

Answer: All possible methods: Online surveys, group discussions, one-to-one interviews, workshops, telephone interviews, etc. ..

Do you also call strangers at home?

Answer: No, we do not. We only contact people who also enjoy participating in our studies and who are registered with us.

Why do you need the information on the registration form?

Answer: This information is required in order to divide participants into the respective groups and studies, and in order to assess participants' qualifications. Our clients have an exact idea of "their" respondents. Therefore, your information will improve your chances of being referred.

I meet all of your search criteria. Why am I still not able to participate in a particular study?

Answer: This could be for various reasons. We make every effort to distribute our studies fairly among test participants who have been registered. We must adhere to our clients' specifications, and criteria are not always obvious. This occasionally means that your profile may not correspond 100% to our specifications.

Do you also forward the information and details I have provided to other companies?

Answer: No. Your information is subject to the Data Protection Act and will be treated very sensitively. Only information related to your employability will be shared.

Do you also send out advertising, or will I receive advertising from you by providing my email address and/or my postal address?

Answer: No. We only send out e-mails in order to inform you about our activities. We do however make an effort to share price savings with you from time to time, or to inform you about special offers. In addition, it may also be the case that we introduce you to a new business partner. Once again, this normally only happens in connection with an informational email. We will not share your address information with third parties.

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